Oak and beech fluted panels used throughout this luxury seaside home.

Client - Lets Escape Ltd

Architecture - Arco2

Interior Design - Nicola O'Mara

Video - Jimbo Films

The client's vision was centered around a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design, known as Japandi style, which guided our approach throughout the project.

Our choice of fluted panels perfectly encapsulated this aesthetic, offering a seamless blend of elegance and functionality. Utilizing a harmonious combination of oak and beech panels, we brought warmth and sophistication to every corner of the retreat.

In the above video tour, you'll witness how our panels effortlessly complement the contemporary exterior and Japandi-inspired interior. Each space is thoughtfully curated to evoke a sense of tranquility and refinement, inviting you to immerse yourself in coastal serenity redefined.

Keynvor (Moku) is a luxury holiday home in Mawgan Porth and is available to book with Unique Homestays

Fluted Panel used in this project


    Oku Lines

    Made from high-quality oak, these panels feature an alluring contemporary linear fluted pattern adding a touch of modern sophistication.

    Order Oku Lines

    Oku Curves

    Made from premium oak, these panels boast a captivating linear , fluted curve pattern meticulously machined to perfection.

    Order oku curves

    Bok Lines

    Introducing our sleek and modern fluted beech panels. Crafted from high-quality beech wood, these panels feature a refined linear fluted pattern.

    order bok lines

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