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Kurumi Lines (Walnut) - £445.00 Per Panel

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9mm Solid Walnut Machined Veneer applied to 15mm Plywood.

Kurumi (胡桃) is the Japanese word for walnut.

Immerse yourself in the luxurious depth of our solid walnut panels, where timeless elegance meets unmatched durability. Made from select walnut wood, these panels exude a rich, dark warmth, bringing a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere to any setting. Ideal for creating an impactful statement in both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Made from premium walnut, these panels boast a captivating linear fluted pattern, infusing each room with depth and warmth. Made with meticulous attention to detail, their contemporary linear design showcases meticulously machined fluted lines.

Product details: 

Per panel dimensions: 2400 x 600mm | 240 x 60 cm 

Square meter per panel: 1.44

Square meter per pack: 2.88

Weight: 17.8 kilograms (kg) per Panel

Panels per pack: 2 

Pack Weight: 38.6 kilograms (kg)

Fixing brackets per pack: 8

Supplied Raw (without laquer/varnish/oil)

Prices exclude VAT / Include Delivery to UK Mainland Address

    Kurumi Lines (Walnut) - £445.00 Per Panel
    Kurumi Lines (Walnut) - £445.00 Per Panel
    Kurumi Lines (Walnut) - £445.00 Per Panel