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BAMBU KURUMI (Walnut) - £159.00 Per Panel

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Bambu translates to 'bamboo' in Swedish

Kurumi (胡桃) is the Japanese word for walnut.

Dive into the world of our charcoal bamboo panels to add a stylish and deep colour to your living space. 

Our bamboo charcoal fiber panels feature a walnut veneer crafted from natural bamboo, boasting a deep, rich brown hue with distinctive grain patterns reminiscent of walnut wood. Laser-cut with geometric designs on the surface, these panels epitomize the fusion of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with Scandinavian design principles, embodying the evolving Japandi trend.

Product details: 

Per panel dimensions: 2400 x 600mm | 240 x 60 cm 

Panel Thickness: 14mm

Square meter per panel: 1.44

Square meter per pack: 2.88

Weight: 14.8 kilograms (kg) per Panel

Panels per pack: 2 

Pack Weight: 32.6 kilograms (kg)

Fixing brackets per pack: 8

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    BAMBU KURUMI (Walnut) - £159.00 Per Panel
    BAMBU KURUMI (Walnut) - £159.00 Per Panel
    BAMBU KURUMI (Walnut) - £159.00 Per Panel